the St mary magdalen school of theology is  a network of women and men who read, pray, and teach the Christian faith. 

Launch of the School of Theology

This is the first post of the St Mary Magdalen School of Theology! 

But what is the School of Theology? Here's a mission statement we drew up (on retreat at the Carmelite Priory on Boars Hill) in response to that rhetorical question:

The St Mary Magdalen School of Theology exists to provide people—lay and ordained—with the theological resources for an active Christian life. Growing out of a parish church in the catholic tradition of Anglicanism, we are a network of women and men who read, pray, and teach the Christian faith.

Right. So, the School intends to resource the Church primarily through this website; books; and workshops and conferences. This website will host short articles on theological topics, including regular book reviews, as well as downloadable catechetical and liturgical resources. Over time, we hope to be a place where new curates, incumbents, and chaplains can find reliable practical information as well as theological provocation to enliven their ministry. Besides organising events, members of the School are also more than happy to speak in ministerial contexts throughout the Church. 

Do have a look around the website, and check back regularly. We intend to have something new on every week, with the possible obvious exceptions...we might just be too busy on Holy Week... 

Learning to Pray

Watch this space